African business

taken to the new heights


Our Mission

Why We're Here
To support African based businesses as well as provide resources in an environment that promotes the success of our member businesses. Our goal is to provide african businesses with all of the resources and assistance they need to realize success.

Our Vision

What We See
The National African Business Association will strive to push the Western Wayne County area to be a highly innovative and business friendly region that attracts and retains business and intellectual capital. Our goal is to take african business to new heights .

Our History

How It Started
Back in December 2013, Akindele Akinyemi, O. Rerhi Onomake, Samba Johm and Kemo Barrow started discussing the need for a strong African business association that would serve the local African community in Metro Detroit in three ways.

Our Focus

Where We're Going
The National African Business Association is an EMPOWERMENT association. We strictly focus on three things, economic development, public policy and educational development. We service Western Wayne County, Michigan.